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Corban University

March 13, 2018

Corban University to Accept Classic Learning Test (CLT) as Alternative to SAT/ACT

Students applying to Corban University can now submit the CLT in place of the SAT/ACT

Corban University has announced that they will begin accepting the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as an alternative to the SAT and ACT, beginning Fall 2018. Created in 2015, the CLT has increasingly been embraced by colleges and universities as an acceptable exam for college admission requirements. In addition to accepting CLT exam scores, Corban has agreed to serve as an exam site for the CLT on Tuesday, April 17.

The CLT was developed as an alternative way to demonstrate academic ability. Structured similarly to the SAT, the CLT comprises three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Grammar/Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning (math). The verbal and grammar sections ask students to respond to passages from classical literature, philosophy, and other recognized works. From William James to C.S. Lewis to contemporary passages, CLT sources may range in topic from philosophy to metaphysics to the natural sciences. Both theistic and secular perspectives are represented as students are challenged in their comprehension and analysis.

Corban University is excited to offer this option to incoming students. Christopher Vetter, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, states, “There is a growing number of students who are a great fit for Corban University who appreciate the different learning outcomes that the CLT emphasizes. Corban values the education these students have pursued and believes recognizing this measurement tool will create additional opportunities to meet incoming students’ needs while keeping our admissions standards high.”

In addition to being a rigorous alternative to the SAT and ACT, the CLT provides students with same-day results and allows students to report their own scores directly to the college of their choice, without additional wait periods or fees. This simplified score submission platform is one of many reasons the CLT is being embraced by both high school students and universities.

Students who are interested in taking the CLT at Corban University this April can register here: