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Corban University

Phases for Campus Reopening

Updated August 3, 2020

In order to comply with guidance from the CDC, State of Oregon, and Marion County, Corban has implemented a phased reopening of campus. You will notice signage across campus indicating the phase of each area/building, as well as the current phase of campus as a whole. For example, while Corban might be in Phase 1 as a university, certain areas such as outdoor athletic facilities might be in Phase 2, depending on sanitation needs and the ability to safely accommodate groups of people with social distancing (SD).

See Marion County timeline and guidelines for phased reopening

Please review the following guidelines for each phase as you seek to determine which types of activities and gatherings are permissible in a specific area of campus (residence halls, Academic Center, baseball field, etc.)

Signage should be posted both at the entrance to campus and in individual areas indicating which phase has been activated. You can also learn what phase Corban is currently in by visiting our main COVID-19 page.

If you are uncertain about the guidelines or restrictions for a specific area, please reach out to Corban’s Student Health Coordinator, Brandy Ragain, at When in doubt, we ask that you err on the side of caution and choose to act in the best interest of others.

Phase 0 (Very High Risk – RED)

  • Campus is closed; critical operations only
  • Employees are instructed to work remotely when possible
  • All instruction is remote; all in-person academic programs are suspended/cancelled
  • All residential housing is closed, unless special permission is granted for an individual to remain on campus.

Phase 1 (High Risk – ORANGE)

  • Campus is open to visitors by appointment only
  • Masks required indoors at all times except in personal residence or offices; outdoors when SD cannot be maintained.
  • Instruction is hybrid (face-to-face and remote); limited to 25 persons with SD measures
  • Labs and classes unable to maintain SD are limited to stable groups of 10
  • Residential housing is open with SD measures; closed to visitors
  • Informal gatherings limited to 10 with SD (35 sq ft/person)
  • Campus-sponsored events limited to 25 people with SD
  • Significant prevention policies, including mandatory use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), symptom screening, contact tracing, and selective quarantining/isolation

Phase 2 (Moderate Risk – YELLOW)

  • Campus is open
  • Masks required indoors in all public/common areas; outdoors when SD cannot be maintained
  • Instruction is hybrid; limited to 50 persons with SD measures
  • Residential housing is open with SD measures
  • Informal gatherings:
  • Corban-sponsored events:
    • Outdoor events limited to 250 with SD (35 sq ft/person)
    • Indoor events limited to 100 with SD (35 sq ft/person)
  • Significant prevention policies, including mandatory use of PPE, symptom screening, contact tracing, and selective quarantining/isolation