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Corban University

Spring 2021 Traditional Undergraduate Delivery Options

Corban University will start face-to-face classes for Traditional Undergraduate students on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Classes are scheduled to run through Friday, April, 23, 2021. Finals are currently scheduled for April 25-30, 2021.

Not all students and parents may be comfortable with a return to face-to-face instruction. We recognize the valid concerns they have expressed. Other students and parents are anxious for a return to face-to-face instruction. Our desire is to honor all and provide an opportunity for meaningful instruction for every one of our students.

In order to meet the needs of all of our Traditional Undergraduate students and to honor their desires to receive instruction in a safe manner, we are providing you with the following options:

  1. Traditional Face-to-Face: On-campus instruction in a hybrid flex model. Instruction will be provided on campus through a combination of face-to-face instruction and synchronous remote learning via Zoom Rooms. Note this is not on-demand remote learning – it is an opportunity to attend class virtually, in real time, as opposed to face to face. We have worked to maximize the face-to-face instruction for students. Where class sizes are such that appropriate social distancing measures can be maintained, up to 100% of the scheduled class periods could be through face-to-face instruction. Because students could become ill or may need to quarantine, synchronous remote learning will always be available.
  2. Traditional Remote: Live synchronous instruction via Zoom Rooms. For those students who are not ready or able to return to campus for face-to-face instruction, participation in our on-campus classes is available through Zoom Rooms. This model of instruction allows a student to participate in real-time instruction. Students will be required to “attend” classes live through our Zoom Rooms application. They will be able to ask questions, participate in discussion groups, and engage in all aspects of the classroom setting through this remote learning option.

*Not all classes for all majors will be available in all formats.

Pricing Structure

Delivery Mode Price per credit hour Financial Aid Package Billing
Traditional Face-to-Face $1,350.00 Standard Financial Aid $16,595 per semester
Traditional Remote $575.00 Federal and State Aid only Billed per credit hour

Standard fees (including the Student Fee) apply

Housing Info

Student resident life choices will be based on your selected academic delivery mode.

  • Traditional Face to Face – If you choose Traditional Face-to-Face, you will fall under normal housing policies laid out in the Student Life Handbook.
    • Within the Traditional Face-to-Face model, residential students must also select a meal plan. Standard room/board charges apply.
    • Commuter students choosing this delivery mode also have the option to select a meal plan. Standard charges apply.
  • Traditional Remote – If you choose the Traditional Remote delivery mode we will assume you will be living off campus.
    • Some students may have good reason to choose Traditional Remote and yet have circumstances that make living on campus a better option. You can seek an exception to live on campus after choosing Traditional Remote by emailing
    • If you are granted an exception to live on campus, you will need to select a residential meal plan. Standard room/board charges apply.

Choosing your Spring 2021 Undergrad Delivery Method

Make your program selection in Populi by Friday, December 18. Students who do not select a Delivery Method by this date will be defaulted to Face-to-Face delivery.

  1. Log into your Populi account with your Corban username and password
  2. Once you are logged into Populi, choose the “My Profile” tab from the options in the navy-blue banner.
  3. Below your name, you should see a new set of tabs and “Bulletin Board” will be highlighted. From this new set of tabs, select “Info.”
  4. Here you should have a list of your contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address. Below the contact information you will see “Other Info” and, to the right, “Add.” When you click “Add,” you will be given a drop-down menu of fields to include on your profile. Here is where you will select, “Spring 2021 Undergrad Delivery Method.
  5. Choose your delivery method from the drop-down menu and make sure to hit “Save.”

Entering this information will allow your billing to be adjusted if necessary.

Who is not eligible for Traditional Remote?

There are certain groups for whom remote delivery is not necessary, or would not work in conjunction with other roles or functions they have at Corban University. These include:

  • all student athletes
  • education majors in the final two years of your degree (please watch for email from your department with details)
  • student employees
  • any student receiving a Student Life scholarship


What will the classes be like if I choose the Traditional Remote option?
The Traditional Remote option gives you the opportunity to still participate in the classroom experience by interacting with fellow students and professors in real time. You will be able to see, hear, and virtually participate in the classroom setting. Corban has invested in Owl cameras and other technology to make this possible. You will also be able to engage in group work and class discussions set up by your professor for the class.

This provides an alternative for students who may not be comfortable with on-campus instruction, or are unable to attend face-to-face instruction for various reasons. Additionally, this provides an alternative to online classes that do not give the full classroom experience and participation with faculty and fellow students over the course of a semester.

How does Traditional Remote learning differ from an online class?
Students taking online classes need to be enrolled in one of Corban’s online programs (business, psychology, and interdisciplinary major at this time). Online classes do not give you the ability to interact with professors and fellow students in real time. The Traditional Remote learning option will give you the opportunity to have a classroom experience while minimizing health risks for those concerned.

If I choose Traditional Remote do I need to change my class schedule?
No, if you choose this option, you can keep your current class schedule. However, some classes do require labs or other components that cannot be duplicated in a remote or virtual manner. Please see the list under the question “
Will remote delivery work for all classes?”

You will, however, have the opportunity to adjust your schedule during the normal add/drop period, which ends on January 15, 2021.

Will Traditional Remote work for all classes?
We are in the process of working through the details on this. There are some classes that may not work in a completely remote-delivery environment, such as science labs and other classes that have some type of hands-on component. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • BIO304L Microbiology lab
  • BIO374L Genetics lab
  • SCI391 Scientific Research Experience
  • BIO244L Anatomy and Physiology II lab
  • SCI133L Scientific Inquiry: Physical Science lab
  • PHY230L Physics II lab
  • CHM224L General Chemistry II lab
  • CHM324L Organic Chemistry II lab
  • KIN323 Motor Learning and Development
  • KIN373 Physiology of Exercise
  • KIN473 Exercise Prescription
  • KIN243 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

If I choose remote delivery for the spring semester, will it keep me from graduating on time?
Freshman or sophomore students will have the least amount of challenge staying on track to graduate in a timely fashion, with the exception of majors such as the A.A. in Health Science and perhaps other science-based majors such as Biology and Kinesiology.

Juniors or seniors will need to carefully consider their decision. If all of your courses can be delivered remotely this spring (and a majority of courses will be) you should be able to maintain your progress toward graduation.

I signed up for an online course and selected remote delivery. Is this allowed?
Yes – undergraduate students are allowed to take one course in our regular online, eight-week format. You will be billed for this class at the $575 per credit hour rate.

What is the tuition rate for Traditional Remote?
Classes taken in the Traditional Remote option will be billed at a flat tuition rate of $575 per credit hour. Students will be eligible for all federal and state loans and grants but will not receive any Corban aid (academic scholarships, etc.). The $575 per credit hour rate only applies in a term when the student is enrolled in the Traditional Remote option. All financial aid, including Corban aid, will be applied when a student returns to face-to-face instruction.

All student and course fees will also be charged. The Student Fee covers services available to all students regardless of course delivery such as online tutoring, TimelyMD, and Handshake (our career services software).

How can I calculate the cost of the Traditional Remote option and compare it to my current cost of Face to-Face?

  1. Take the number of credits you enrolled in for the fall semester and multiply that number by $575.
  2. Go to your Financial Aid Award letter. Look for the tuition charge for the fall semester and the listing of any aid, grants, and loans. From the total you calculated in Step 1 above:
  3. Subtract any Federal Student loan amounts for the fall semester.
  4. Subtract any Pell Grant amount for the fall semester.
  5. Subtract any Oregon Opportunity Grant for the fall semester.
  6. Subtract any private loans for the fall semester.
  7. Subtract any non-Corban scholarships or awards.
  8. DO NOT subtract any Corban aid – this includes Academic awards, grants, Corban’s portion of church matching grants, sibling grants, etc.
  9. The remaining balance is the tuition amount for the fall semester.
  10. Be sure not to include any room and board charges.
  11. The Student Fee still applies.

If choose Traditional Remote, can I still opt into a payment plan?
Yes, you can use any one of our payment plans found in Populi.