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Corban University

Classes and Schedules

Due to the predictions of a second wave of COVID-19 hitting later this fall/winter, Corban University has made the decision to make the following changes to the fall schedule. These changes will allow for less travel for students during what could a period of increased risk. A number of other universities have taken similar steps in an effort to provide a higher level of safety for students, staff, and faculty.

Last updated Thursday, July 30, 2020. Updates are in bold, italicized text.

Changes to Fall Schedule: Overview

Corban University has made the decision to make the following changes to the fall schedule.

  • Warrior Welcome is scheduled for Friday, August 21 (on-campus students), and Saturday, August 22 (commuter students), and runs through Sunday, August 23. Visit our Warrior Welcome page for more details.
  • Fall classes will begin on Monday, August 24, 2020.
  • The fall semester will end early, with November 20 as the final day of class instruction.
  • Finals will be held November 21–25, and may be conducted in-person or remotely, depending on individual instructors’ decisions.
  • Students will have the option to take a three-week intensive course from November 30–December 18. This will be available both on campus and remotely.
  • The Fall tuition package will include both the 14-week shortened semester and the optional 3-week intensive course, for a total of up to 18 credits.
  • Room and Board: Corban is considering a set room charge for the entire fall semester (including the optional 3-week session, should students wish to return to campus). The board rate will be set for August–November. An additional charge will be added for a three-week meal plan, should students wish to return.

While we know these changes may cause some disruption, our hope is that a shorter fall semester will allow students to complete face-to-face instruction before a second wave of COVID-19 requires us to enter another isolation period. In addition, this format may help students reduce their travel to and from campus, minimizing campus exposure to COVID-19.

Corban University is also in the process of developing a remote option for undergraduate students who have concerns about attending classes on campus this fall. This option would allow students to participate remotely in classes for which they are already enrolled. More details will be available the first week in August.

Changes to Fall Schedule: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the three-week intensive?

The three-week intensive is being planned as a face-to-face session that will have a remote option. These classes are scheduled for November 30–December 18. Students will be able to take one 3-credit course in an abbreviated format. This course will be considered part of the Fall 2020 term. The course will appear on the student’s transcript as part of Fall 2020 and will be part of the 12-18 credit hours included in the 12-18 credit block price. If students take more than 18 credit hours, they will be charged the $500-per-credit overload tuition fee.

Will final exams for the 14-week session ending at Thanksgiving be face-to-face or remote?

Exams will be held face-to-face and are scheduled for Saturday, November 21, resuming on Monday, November 23, and completed by noon on Wednesday, November 25. Students must plan on being present for any final exams scheduled by their professors. An updated exam schedule will be posted to the Registrar’s website.

How does the three-week intensive fit with the 14-week session?

The three-week intensive is an optional addition to the 14-week session. This would allow students to lighten their course load in the 14 weeks and focus on a single course in the intensive. The credit hours taken in the 14-week session and intensive will all show on the transcript as Fall 2020 classes and will all be considered as part of the 12-18 credit hour tuition package.

When will I register for the three-week intensive? Can I adjust my schedule after I find out what courses will be offered during the intensive?

A list of courses scheduled for the three-week intensive will be available in early July. Registration for these courses will begin with seniors, followed by juniors, sophomores, and finally freshmen. Students may want to adjust their courses in the first 14 weeks based on the offerings in the intensive. The tuition package for 12-18 credit hours will include courses taken in the first 14 weeks as well as any courses in the three-week intensive.

What is the add/drop policy for three-week intensive courses?

The last day to drop ANY Fall courses, including the intensive, without having it appear on the transcript or student bill is September 4, 2020. The last day to withdraw with no grade penalty is October 9, 2020. If a student does not participate or is a no-show, a letter grade of F will be issued.

The last day to add the intensive is 11/30 but must be done in the Registrar’s Office with Advisor approval.

How many classes can I take in the intensive?

Students will be allowed to take one course in the three-week intensive.

When will returning students be able to move back on campus to prepare for classes starting August 24?

The move-in date for returning students will be Sunday, August 23.

What if I schedule my flight home before the end of finals?

Students are required to take final exams at the scheduled time. The exam schedule is being adjusted to ensure all exams can be completed no later than 12:30pm on Wednesday, November 25. The exam schedule can be found here:

Exams cannot be rescheduled for travel plans.

Social Distancing and the Classroom

When students arrive back on campus in August, you will notice that classrooms and common areas have been rearranged to align with social distancing guidelines. Classrooms will be set up to allow 6-foot social distancing between individuals.

Technology and the Classroom

Dr. Sam Baker and Dr. Kent Kersey have been tasked with devoting time to strengthen and equip Corban faculty in their ability to use a variety of educational formats—specifically technology in the classroom and technology for remote learning.

Each classroom is being equipped with video conferencing capabilities, which will enable students attending remotely to participate in the classroom experience to the fullest extent possible. Depending on guidelines from Marion County and the state of Oregon, we may have to create a hybrid classroom model, where students would attend a portion of their classes face-to-face, and attend the other portion remotely via Zoom. We recognize that some students may belong to at-risk populations or have other circumstances such as illness that prevent them from attending face-to-face classes. This upgraded equipment will help Corban provide a quality education for those students, so they can continue their coursework while prioritizing their health and safety needs.