1. I noticed there are several prisons nearby. Is that a safety risk to Corban? Corban enjoys a very secure geographical area and low crime rate. The proximity of correctional facilities nearby is something that we take seriously, though. We receive immediate information if there are any security concerns at the various facilities. We are also pleased to be within a quarter mile of the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training campus and home of the Police Academy.
  2. Can students request a security escort anytime? How do you do that? Campus Safety Officers are available at all times to accompany you to your destination. Just call us at 503-510-6430 and be prepared to show your Corban ID.
  3. Can we play Airsoft, paintball, or laser tag on campus? No. The campus setting is designed to support the learning atmosphere as much as possible. While the terrain here is inspiring to many adventure game enthusiasts, the inherent risks of having shooting type games on campus makes this activity unacceptable and therefore explicitly prohibited.
  4. I have a concealed weapons permit. Can I carry my firearm on campus? No, you are not allowed to carry a firearm on campus unless you are a currently certified law enforcement officer. We realize this is a sensitive issue, and policies and procedures around this question are reviewed very closely. Please contact the Director of Campus Safety at 503-589-8152 for any questions or comments.
  5. I need special parking accommodations. Who can help me? Parking accommodations are handled by Student Life. Please contact them for assistance with special parking needs.
  6. I need to talk to someone about unique security needs; who can I call? Special events, court proceedings, and many other situations can necessitate increased security considerations. Please contact the Campus Safety Office at 503-510-6430 to discuss how Corban can support you.
  7. Can the public use the Frisbee golf course? Yes. The Frisbee golf course is a unique recreational opportunity for both the Corban community and the community at large. All Frisbee golfers—students, staff, and visitors—must abide by all campus rules and regulations at all times. All players must:
    1. Provide ID to Campus Safety Authorities upon request.
    2. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, tobacco, or controlled substance use on campus.
    3. Cease all play by dusk (non-students must leave campus at this time).
    4. Dispose of trash in specified containers.
    5. Avoid harming or disturbing wildlife.
    6. Leave plant life as it is found (picking blackberries is allowed).
    7. Refrain from excessive shouting, profanity or obscenity, or lewd behavior.
    8. Avoid entering buildings unnecessarily.
    9. Request help from Campus Care or Campus Safety to retrieve discs in sensitive landscape areas.