School of Ministry hits halfway mark in Cameroon

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Cameroon, Christian pastors aren’t just hungry for the word of God, they are seeking ways to better share that word with others.

Corban’s Cameroon Initiative is helping them by giving 40 pastors the training they need to study and interpret scripture, lead their churches, preach the gospel and more. In May, Sam Baker, Ed.D., and Leroy Goertzen, D.Min., continued the ongoing Bible certificate training started in May 2013 by Greg Trull, Ph.D., dean of the Corban School of Ministry.

“Pastors are telling us the modules are having an effect on what they are doing in their churches,” Goertzen said. “It is having a major effect on their teaching and preaching. They can now take and actually preach the text of the Bible and preach systematically through the books of the Bible. This is something hardly any were able to do previously.”

Goertzen’s and Baker’s course focused on servant leadership, something both said would make a tremendous difference in Cameroon’s churches, especially given that the nation’s secular leaders have a reputation for corruption and are widely distrusted.

While the two faculty members spent most of their days in the classroom, a team of students focused on a different goal.

“The students are upper division ministry majors who are observing, interpreting and applying what they learned in the classroom,” Baker said. “It was key for them to get a new mindset about cross-cultural ministry, because in Cameroon, as in most countries around the world, you can’t be routine driven.”

The students went into communities and shared the gospel along with members of local churches. Additionally, they led Bible studies, shared their testimonies and even had opportunities to preach.

“They were a great component to what we were doing,” Goertzen said. “The student presence just does something to the heart of the people.”

The training and ministry that is happening through the Cameroon Initiative is fulfilling Corban’s mission to “educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” The pastors, many of whom have started new church plants, are seeing the fruits of their education play out in their churches.

“We’re creating a leadership presence in Cameroon,” Baker said. “We’re not doing it, we’re just facilitating it. We want the Cameroon church to own the ministry in that country.”

The current class will complete the program in December 2015. For more information about the Cameroon Initiative, email Greg Trull at

  • The School of Ministry is training 40 pastors to become effective servant leaders. 

  • The School of Ministry is training 40 pastors to become effective servant leaders. 

  • Corban students and alumni helped build relationships with people in Cameroon.

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