Education professor publishes new book on brain health in teens.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More than parents or teachers, young men and women have the ability to change their own brains for the better.

On July 29, Jesse Payne, Ed.D., published “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25,” the follow up to the bestselling book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by Dr. Daniel Amen. In it, Payne details what makes the brains of teens and young adults unique and how they have the ability to make life choices that can have a positive effect on the brains for the rest of their lives.

“The whole reason for writing this book is to let these young people know they have some control over their brain and to bring awareness to what the brain is all about,” Payne said. “I see so many young men and women who are struggling and they are stigmatized by it. I want them to understand their struggles aren’t because they are awful people and to let them know they are not alone.

 “If you are fighting some kind of brain struggle, you don’t need to be held victim to it or use it as a crutch,” he added.

Payne has led Change Your Brain workshops across the nation for educators and parents who are looking for healthier ways to interact with their students and children. The book has been endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz), Jennie McCarthy, Dr. Mark Hyman and others.

“Change Your Brain” has also been adopted as health curriculum in school districts in Alabama, Oregon and Michigan. Additionally, the book is being used in Oregon State University’s counseling program and the U.S. military is using the book to help elementary and high school children as they reintegrate with family members who have been deployed overseas.

For Payne, the book means more to him than money and sharing his research. His early life was scarred by severe mental illness within his own family. He said he hopes this book will help today’s youth realize what they have the capacity to accomplish.

“This whole process has made me feel humbled and blessed,” Payne said. “Coming from the background I did, it reaffirms my faith in God and that the experiences I went through can be used to help young people realize their full potential.”

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25" is available in print and Kindle editions through Amazon.

  • Corban Director of Undergraduate Education Jesse Payne, Ed.D., will release his new book on July 29.

  • Corban Director of Undergraduate Education Jesse Payne, Ed.D., will release his new book on July 29.

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