Business: Information Systems (55)


Corban’s Information Systems program is unique because…

…We integrate a solid technical skill set with core business competencies. 

Employers are looking for graduates who have proven technical skills and understand how businesses function. At Corban you have the opportunity to develop understanding and practice in both fields of study, thus giving you exactly what employer’s need.

…We concentrate on a specific skill set-database development and administration for web applications.

Databases store the data that enables our on-line culture. Every game that you play, every forum that you visit, every web site from which you purchase, and every collaborative tool in business uses database concepts and practices. At Corban you have the opportunity to study databases and develop skills through hands-on work in developing and administering databases for web applications.

…We prepare you for the future where the web will increasingly be the center of all computing. 

Web applications are currently a large part of computing. In the future, web applications will play an even bigger role. At Corban you will learn how to develop web applications and connect them to the databases that make them work.


  • Study core business competencies including management, business law, economics, marketing, and accounting.
  • Study computing principles including operating systems, database systems, security, administration, developing web applications, and industry best practices.
  • Install and administer operating systems and database systems. 
  • Develop web applications and the databases that support them.
  • Work with other business majors on a large senior capstone project that demonstrates cross-functional teamwork as well as your understanding and abilities.


  • Develop a specific skill set in database development and administration for web applications.
  • Learn to develop web applications and connect them to databases.
  • Prepare for internationally recognized industry certification exams in both database development and database administration.
  • Meet employer expectations for a technical skill set and core business understanding.

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Specific Requirements (18)
BA213WD Web Design (3)
BA303 E-Commerce (3)
BA333T Technology (3)
BS333BR Business Reporting (3)
Electives in: Accounting, Business, Computer Science or Economics (6)

Core Requirements for Business Majors (37)
AC213 Intro Financial Accounting (3)
AC223 Intro Managerial Accounting (3)
BA213IS Information Systems (3)
BA223 Applied Business Statistics (3)
BA313 Business Law (3)
BA323 Management Principles (3)
BA333 Marketing Strategy (3)
BA333FM Financial Management (3)
BA403 Business Planning/Senior Thesis (3)
CA121 Spreadsheets (1)
EC213 Macro Economics (3)
EC223 Micro Economics (3)
MA113 College Algebra (3)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.