Bike America Mission nears its end

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


On June 4, a trio of bicycle enthusiasts put on their riding jerseys, helmets and shoes and started a nearly two-month bicycle journey across the United States.

Now, Corban University graduate Jason Hardrath, ’11, junior Travis Hilley and Hilley’s wife, Alissa, have ridden more than 2,400 miles and are approximately five days from touching their wheels into the Atlantic Ocean.

“Aside from a few setbacks, it’s been an incredible ride,” Hardrath said. “But we are ready to hit the Atlantic and step foot on Liberty Island.”

The biggest setback occurred early in the ride near Spokane, Wash. Travis Hilley became ill and severely dehydrated forcing him to spend the night getting IV fluids in a Spokane hospital. However, once they returned to the road, it was relatively smooth sailing from Spokane forward.

The trio is pedaling as a fundraiser for Compassion International. To date, they have received nearly $4,000 in donations and an additional $2,000 in pledges. Their goal is to raise $10,000 for the non-profit that serves to help people worldwide overcome poverty.

“It’s been a growing experience for us,” Hardrath said. “We’re learning to be abundantly graceful even when you don’t feel like extending grace because you are tired and not feeling well.”

The trio hopes to reach New York City and Liberty Island on July 24 or 25. For more information about the ride or to make a donation, visit

  • Junior Travis Hilley and alumnus Jason Hardrath, ’11, celebrate upon reaching the Ohio border. 

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