Corban University President Reno Hoff Announces June 2013 retirement

Monday, June 20, 2011


Salem, Ore. — Corban University President Reno Hoff informed the Corban Board of Trustees that he will retire at the end of his contract on June 30, 2013. 

 Hoff is the 9th president in Corban’s 75-year history. He started as the business manager in 1969 and was later involved in the establishment of the Business Management major. Hoff assumed the position of Vice President for Administration in 1990 until becoming Executive Vice President/Provost under President David Miller. He served in that capacity until assuming the presidency in 2000.

“A succession plan was instituted several years ago and we will follow its guidelines to ensure a smooth transition at the specified time,” said Board Chairman Tom Carlson.

Hoff, 76, underwent a successful hip replacement on June 14 and is looking forward to returning to work in the next few weeks. During his presidency he introduced an unprecedented series of capital projects including the Psalm Performing Arts Center, the Psalm Music Annex building, Alton and Joan Velde Davidson Residence Hall, John G. Balyo Residence Hall, the Oak Grove Amphitheater, a new softball facility, and the campus clock tower.

Under Hoff’s leadership, the graduate level programs were started as well as the transition to university structure after enrollment reached 200 in those programs. The name Corban University was formally adopted in 2010.

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