Corban communications major earns respected internship opportunity

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Hilltop News staff has been recognized many times for quality writing, photography and design and now they have another reason to celebrate.

Online Editor Adrienne Goodrich earned one of 16 Charles Snowden Internships for summer 2011 and will work for the Baker City Herald in Baker City, Ore. More than 60 Oregon journalism, English and communications majors applied for the highly sought after paid internship opportunities. Goodrich is the second Corban graduate to earn a Snowden internship. Lanae Gehring, ’10, interned with The Hermiston Herald during summer 2010.

“There is no quota from school to school,” said Snowden Internship Coordinator Pete Peterson. “We select the best and don’t make distinctions between big or small colleges or public and private institutions.”

After an application, work samples, an essay and more are received, three committees review the information and invite a select few to return for interviews and tests on their knowledge of journalism ethics, laws, the Freedom of Information Act and knowledge of Associated Press style.

“The interview was very scary,” she said with a laugh. “I was very excited when I heard I was accepted for this internship.”

Goodrich graduated on May 7 with a degree in English and a focus on journalism. Her interest in journalism comes from a lifelong love of writing. However, she knew she didn’t have the patience to write books or other long-form material and thought journalism would make a good career. Although many declare that journalism is a dying profession, Goodrich thinks differently.

“The current mode of journalism is floundering, but people are always going to need information simplified and synthesized for them,” she said. “Whether it changes form over time, people will always need information. I’m certain I’ll be able to adapt to whatever changes may come.”

She first interned in summer 2010 with the The Chronicle in Centralia, Wash. During this time she learned how to react to deadline pressures, how to write clear, concise copy. With her second internship she hopes to refine what she has practiced and learn new writing techniques and tips. During the 10-week internship, she will be mentored by an editor familiar with the Snowden Program.

The internship will end Aug. 5 and she is getting married Aug. 13. Following that, her goal is to find a reporter position in the Salem area or work as a freelance writer.

The Snowden Internship Program is administered through the University of Oregon. It was started in 1998 following an endowment for the program from the family of Charles Snowden, a respected editor who worked with the Oregon Journal and the Oregonian. More than 150 internships have been provided for college students since its inception in 1998.

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