Chuck Ferguson to lead 3-day MBA seminar at Corban University

Friday, March 23, 2012


Between June 12 and 14, 2012, Chuck Ferguson, a recognized leader in non-profit leadership consultation, will teach an MBA elective seminar at Corban University called “BA 591 - Service Leadership in the Non-Profit World."

During the 3-day seminar, non-profit board members, executives, staff and volunteers will learn how to cultivate a service leadership culture, empower individuals and fill them with respect and value to help them achieve their goals. Ferguson will teach “street level lessons in leadership,” how to give board members a real world focus, develop grounding values, build greatness from within the non-profit and share the non-profit organization’s vision with others.

“Tomorrow’s most successful non-profits will be managed by leaders who understand and apply the foundations of service leadership,” Ferguson said. “This course is designed for just such leaders.

“There is new way of understanding yourself, your spheres of influence, your vision, your relationships with others, how synergy drives the mission and how much good you can achieve,” he added.

For decades, Ferguson’s focus has been on accelerating the emergence of a leadership culture that understands the human side of business and organizations. He believes the benchmark of a great organization begins with acknowledging that people and relationships are their most valuable asset.

The course costs just $600 and includes 3 Corban University graduate credits accepted at most other fully accredited colleges and universities. The seminar may be audited for $450. Group discounts are available.

For more information or to register for this premiere MBA elective, visit

  • Chuck Ferguson is a recognized expert in 
    non-profit leadership.

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