Portals Writers Conference, June 20–23, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013


At Corban, we believe that everyone has something valuable to say and that how we say it matters. But we also know that writing is an act of faith—a leap into the unknown. Maybe this is why even veteran writers and spoken word artists gaze at blank screens or microphones, longing to fill them with words, but find they are unable to do so. Or maybe words flow faster than they can be corralled into some kind of vision or organizing structure. And then there are times when we gaze with wonder at what could be a completed poem or essay or story and wonder: is it any good? And if so, who would publish it? 

Whether you are a veteran writer or a beginner, unsure whether or not you should even call yourself a word artist, Portals Conference has something for you. Combining the best elements of a writing/spoken word conference and an arts festival, we’re offering over fifteen daily seminars taught by nationally known authors and artists. These classes are designed for artists of all levels, genres and interests. Like Corban University, Portals Writing Conference is actively rooted in a Christian perspective, but its tone is informal, friendly and hospitable to those of all walks of faith.






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