Corban alumnus honored during military ceremony

Thursday, January 5, 2012


For more than one year, Corban University alumnus Lt. Col. Kevin Dial commanded a unit of military engineers in Afghanistan.

On Jan. 7, Dial and his 1249th Engineer Battalion of the Oregon Army National Guard was demobilized, during a ceremony attended by Governor John Kitzhaber, Senator Ron Wyden and other dignitaries. During the ceremony, representatives of Corban’s staff, faculty, students and veterans presented a banner signed by more than 300 people from the University.

With approximately 175 men and women, the 1249th Engineer Battalion was extensively involved with rebuilding what years of war and Taliban control had destroyed.

“While we never want to send our men and women into combat, these military representatives from Oregon did an outstanding job and completed a vital mission in that country,” said Wyden. “Our hearts were with them while they were away and celebrate now that they have returned safely.”

The ceremony concluded with a military change of command ceremony with Dial turning command of the unit to another officer. Dial has accumulated 25 years of military service and has been deployed to combat regions three times.

  • Col. Kevin Dial stands before his troops as they are officially demobilized following a deployment in Afghanistan.

  • Col. Kevin Dial looks over a banner signed by more 
    than 300 students, faculty and staff members. 
    Dr. Rich Meyers, student Matt Straw and student 
    veteran Andrew Holbert presented the banner. 

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