Geared up for Success: Corban University business student Grace Birkemeier gains experience with Adidas

Friday, 6 October 2017

Corban University junior Grace Birkemeier is chasing her goals in the field of marketing. This past summer Grace moved from working retail at the Nike Company Store to working retail for Adidas. Meanwhile, Grace focused much of her summer on her photography. She is already a gifted photographer who specializes in portraits, but this summer she decided to dive more into the color and composition of photography. Little did she know that her photography skills would play an important role in some up-coming job offers.

While working retail at Adidas, Grace learned connections are key. She states, “I learned that connections are something just as, maybe even more valuable than experience.” Grace began to talk to more people at Adidas, creating small talk and meeting individuals high up in the company. She explains how at first the encounters were awkward, but eventually she began to connect with people.

Soon Grace began getting coffee with Adidas campus employees on a weekly basis. Before she knew it, Adidas job offers began to come her way that were outside of retail. She was then invited to join “The Makers Lab,” where she was able to see how the fashion design process worked and actually get to help create clothes. Through her connections and eye for photography, she was then offered a position as a visual merchandiser. Grace says, “Visual merchandisers are hand-picked by members of the campus to plan and choose the layout of the store, the merchandise sold, and the way everything is presented to the customer.” She loves her job.

Through Corban University’s Hoff School of Business, Grace has learned to build confidence and grow in her field of study. She has also learned to put her full trust in God, who has the ultimate plan for her. Birkemeier states, “It's cool to see firsthand how God uses your passions and skills to your benefit—you just have to pursue what you love.” After Grace graduates in 2019 with a degree in marketing, she would like to obtain a higher position at Adidas, ideally in the marketing department, but she says, “I am keeping my options open because I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me.”

Like Grace, many other Corban students are reaching their goals and chasing their dreams. Be on the lookout for more Corban student stories! And be sure to check out Grace’s photography at

Guest Contributor: Abbi Steele

  • Geared up for Success: Corban University business student Grace Birkemeier gains experience with Adidas

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