Corban University alum Travis Noble, co-owner of Exitus Escape Rooms, celebrates one year of business

Monday, 2 October 2017

Corban alum Travis Noble (’13) embarked on an exciting journey last September to establish the local Salem business Exitus Escape Rooms. Escape rooms, a relatively new concept to the public, are a form of entertainment in which six to ten people are locked in a themed room for an hour. They are guided through a story-based adventure in which puzzles must be solved in order to escape before time expires. Exitus, located in downtown Salem, Ore., consists of three permanent escape rooms, including one of Oregon’s most difficult. Exitus leads their players on thrilling adventures such as The Hermit’s Lair, set in the downtown tunnels of Salem, and The Legacy of Edgar Allen Poe.


Noble’s business sense emerges from Corban University’s Hoff School of Business, from which he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. The Hoff School of Business equips students to integrate their Christian faith into their businesses and develops leaders who are ready to take on the difficult business world. During Noble’s time at Corban, he was taught leadership skills that now help him lead his staff of six at Exitus. He was also equipped with the knowledge to effectively market his business, make connections, and manage finances.


Looking back, Noble says one aspect of the business program he found most valuable was the Corban Consulting Partners presentation, a graduation requirement for every Corban business student. Noble says, “Through CCP you get to look behind the scenes and really understand all the different components that go into a business.” One of Noble’s favorite classes he took at Corban was Entrepreneurship, taught by Dr. Shawn Hussey. Noble says, “Hussey’s class challenged me and my team to work through real-life business scenarios through problem solving and creative thinking.”


Twenty-eight-year old Noble integrates his faith with his business not just by giving back to Christian organizations, but also by working with non-Christian organizations to shine the light of Christ. He remembers what Dr. Eric Straw taught him, to create a “kingdom business,” one that can proclaim the glory of God, even in the absence of words.


As Noble celebrates his first year owning Exitus, he sees big things for the future. “Escape rooms,” says Noble, “are a growing entertainment business and are becoming the new style of board game.” The next steps for Exitus are to create new rooms and expand their business to additional locations. If you are looking for a fun teambuilding adventure, or just a fun activity to do with family or friends, check out Exitus today! For more information on the Exitus Escape Rooms, check out their website at


Guest Contributor: Abbi Steele


  • Corban University alum Travis Noble, co-owner of Exitus Escape Rooms, celebrates one year of business

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