OCIS program helping students choose careers

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For some students, choosing their career path that is in line with their skills and aptitudes can seem daunting.

Corban Director of Student Success Don Sparks knew he needed a way to help these students and adopted tools in the Oregon Career Information Systems website to help him accomplish that. Now, Corban students have free, useful career information at their fingertips.

Included in the website are several different assessment tools, information about jobs that align with their skills and aptitudes, as well as long-term job prospects within certain career fields.

“For those students who really are unsure of what they want to study, it gives them the ability to maybe get some new career ideas or affirm what they already knew,” Sparks said. “It’s difficult to sit out there on the stump and not know what direction to take for the next four years.” He added this program will be especially helpful for students who still need to declare a major because many programs require students to start taking prerequisite classes as freshmen.

Additionally, the website offers a library with resources to help students develop personal finance skills, enhance or refresh their math skills, help with reading and writing and more. It also includes resources such as software training and preparatory tests for pre-med and pre-law exams and others.

For those looking for educational dollars, The Oregon Career Information Systems website includes the ability to search eligibility for more than 3,000 college scholarships.

“It’s a great resource for all of our students,” Sparks said. “Research has shown that students who have clear career objectives have higher graduation rates. Our goal is to improve student success not just at Corban, but throughout their lives. This is one tool we can use to help them achieve that.”

For more information about Oregon Career Information Systems, click on the PDF link below or contact Sparks at dsparks@corban.edu or 503-589-8188.

  • Corban students can explore career options online with the Oregon Career Information Systems website.

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