Loveology author coming to Corban University

Friday, January 24, 2014


What does singleness and marriage look like in the context of Christian community?

On Wed. Feb. 19, from 9 to 11 p.m. John Mark Comer, author of “Loveology,” will be at Corban University for an open and honest discussion about this topic.

Comer is lead pastor of Bridgetown: A Jesus Church, which is part of a family of churches formally known as Solid Rock in Portland, Oregon, a city with one of the highest percentages of religiously unaffiliated adults in the nation.

“Young, amorous singles who love and follow Jesus are inundated with a schizophrenic view of love,” he said. “The message of culture and the message of the church are at odds, and it can feel like a maze trying to navigate the two. We’re a generation with questions: What is marriage? In a time where 50 percent of marriages implode within a few years, why take the risk? If sex is so wonderful, why should we wait for it?

In “Loveology,” Comer talks about a world where love and romance are the main ingredients in many films and television shows, often these plot lines create an incorrect portrayal of real-life relationships. He talks about the main characters riding off into the sunset, kissing in their happily ever after, or perhaps even walking down the aisle toward marital bliss; and that no matter the conclusion, Christians are given the message that love is easy and always full of affection.

“More than ever, the church can’t stay silent” Comer said. “The Scriptures have so much to say about marriage and sex. We have to join with the biblical authors and talk about relationships in an honest, open, and truthful way.” 

Loveology is the second of four events each month through April discussing sexuality and relationships. On March 10, Corban will host Dr. Mark Yarhouse when he discusses sexual identity and LGBTQ issues and an alternate, new Christian response during the school’s Chapel service.

The series is presented by Corban’s Office of Student Life. "Loveology will be released Feb.4 through

  • John Mark Comer, author of "Loveology," will be at Corban on Feb. 19.

  • John Mark Comer's new book, "Loveology," will be released Feb. 4.

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