Men's basketball coach in friendly CCC family feud

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jokes are often made about the adversarial relationship between in-laws.

On Dec. 7, a friendly family rivalry was played out on Beacon Court in Eugene, Ore. when men’s basketball head coach Steve Masten lead his team against Northwest Christian University, coached by his son-in-law, former NBA player Luke Jackson.

In the Dec, 5 issue of the “Statesman Journal,” the coaches discussed their upcoming game.

“I enjoy that he’s coaching in the same league,” Jackson said. “He’s been a good father-in-law. We talk all the time, being travel partners in the conference means we will play opponents right before each other. It’s a nice aspect that we can compare notes and discuss.”

Both coaches are insistent that although their familial relation may add a little extra fuel, it is not what is important about this game.

“Neither of us wants to lose, but our family is more important than that so it won’t be an issue,” he said.

The Beacons did overcome the Warriors 67-55 in the Dec. 7 game, but they will square off again for the final conference matchup on Warrior Court Friday Feb. 21.

In addition to the Statesman Journal, both coaches were part of a live interview by Ron Callan on the “Wheels at Work” program on Fox Sports AM 620 on Dec. 9.

Read the entire story online in the “Statesman Journal.”

Listen to the interview with Ron Callan here.

  • Men's basketball head coach Steve Masten is in a friendly CCC rivalry with his son-in-law, Luke Jackson, who is the head coach at NCU.

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