World Outreach Week brings mission field to Corban

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Colorful flags float from the sky bridge in the late October fog and bright booths line the interior of Schimmel Hall, beckoning students to pause during the trek to their next class.

World Outreach Week at Corban University started Oct. 21 and runs through Oct. 25. The full theme of this year’s WOW is Mission: Him-Possible, Lordship Protocol. It’s an important event for the university and its student body.

“We want to challenge students to let God be the Lord of their life, instead of being their own lord with God attached on the side,” said Adam Sutton, president of True North Corps. “WOW is important because too often we are comfortable where we are. Our intention is to get people thinking in ways they haven’t thought before.”

George Murray, chancellor of Columbia International University, is the guest chapel speaker for the week to aid in this thinking process.

 “Jesus saw and had compassion,” Murray said in Wednesday’s chapel. “The moved heart always follows the seeing eye. You must see before you can have compassion.”

 The Corban community has had opportunities to see the world through messages in the morning, mission-related discussions in the evenings and informal conversations with the missionaries throughout the day.

 “For students, WOW entails a willingness to participate,” Sutton said. “Through these opportunities, maybe God will say to them, ‘I have a different plan for your life than you have for yourself.’”

 Tim and Meaghan Hartman, missionaries with Send International, echoed this sentiment.

 “Be open to what God has for you,” they said. “Be open with your major and your future plans. Pray and seek. God can use anyone.”

 Murray said that Christians are often willing to go, but planning to stay.

“That’s all wrong,” he added. “We need to be planning to go, but willing to stay.” Sutton said he hopes this week isn’t about stories form others, but application into their own lives.

“I hope WOW gets people to consider the bigger picture of who they are in God’s kingdom, not just in their own little world,” he said.

Written by Hannah Joy Madsen, “The Hilltop”  

  • Corban students look through displays and talk to missionaries in Schimmel Hall during World Outreach Week 2013.

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