Students, community members attend art and science forum

Friday, October 18, 2013



During her freshman year, communications major Kelsey Leavitt kept a dangerous secret from everyone around her.

On Oct. 15 the junior candidly shared her personal testimony about suffering from an eating disorder that nobody knew about.

“I would go into the dining hall and fill my plate,” she said. “But I would challenge myself to leave hungry because I wanted to fit an image that was manufactured by advertisers and the media.”

Approximately 125 people attended “The Skeleton in the Closet, The Intersection of Art and Science Explore: Body Image, Eating Disorders, Obesity and Pregnancy” event, forum and opening reception for the Psalm Visual Arts Gallery exhibit by the same name. The forum included award-winning photographer Fritz Liedtke who discussed how his struggle to understand his own eating disorder led to the photo exhibit, now being displayed at Corban, but shown in galleries nationwide.

Additionally, Corban Associate Professor of Science Sarah Comstock, Ph.D., shared her groundbreaking research on unhealthy maternal eating patterns and their effects not only on children, but also on grandchildren.

The Skeleton in the Closet photography exhibit will be on display until Nov. 25 and is free and open to the public. Corban University is located at 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE in Salem. For more information, email Psalm Visual Arts Gallery Director Steve Hunt at or call 503-375-7591.

  • A Corban student studies the photograph and story of a woman suffering from an eating disorder. The Skeleton in the Closet photography exhibit will be on display in the Psalm Visual Arts Gallery until Nov. 25.

  • Photographer Fritz Liedtke discusses his work at The Skeleton in the Closet forum on Oct. 15.

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