Corban professor featured on "Katie" Couric show.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It’s not every day that a Corban University professor gets to speak to millions of Americans. 

On Sept. 18, Katie Couric interviewed Corban Assistant Professor of Business Kelli Gassman and her husband, Dan, about their experience with open frozen embryo adoption for her show, "Katie." During the Sept. 30 broadcast, the Gassmans talked about their experiences conceiving their first son, Trevor, using this method.

The Gassman’s were interviewed by Couric before a live audience at the ABC TV1 Studio in New York City. Due to age and other factors, they were infertile. While considering their options, they learned about adopting “snowflake babies” to get pregnant and have children.

With assistance from their fertility specialist and adoption agency, the Gassmans met a Christian couple in Virginia who used in vitro fertilization to have children. Because of the success rate in getting pregnant, however, the Virginia family had extra frozen embryos. They wanted to place them with another Christian couple. In the end, the Gassmans were chosen.

In an open adoption, the Gassman children will know their genetic parents and siblings in Virginia, keep in contact and visit them. The Gassman children include 9-month-old Trevor and a second child due in March. Their hope is that others will be encouraged by their story and consider open frozen embryo adoption.

Previously, the U.S. government spent $12 million per year advertising the need for frozen embryo adoptions. That funding stopped earlier this year despite the fact that 600,000 adoptions are still needed.

As one of America’s most respected television personalities, Couric is known for her ability to move viewers to action. For years researchers have dubbed it the “Katie Couric effect.”

The Gassman’s believe their interview will encourage Americans, including many Christian couples, to consider “snowflake babies” as a viable adoption option. By speaking up for this important cause, the Gassmans believe they have made a difference in the world here and now, and for eternity.

You can watch part of their interview with Katie Couric here

  • Assistant Professor of Business Kelli Gassman, and her husband, Dan, were featured on Katie Couric's daytime program, "Katie" to talk about their experience with open frozen embryo adoption.

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