"New" Greek handbook published

Friday, September 13, 2013



Corban University School of Ministry students studying Greek will had a “new” handbook when they started classes on Sept. 3.

During summer 2013, the University published “Greek Grammar and Syntax Notes” by former Corban professor Dr. Philip R. Williams, who passed away in 1994. Williams’ extensively studied Latin and Greek literature, trained in exegesis of Hebrew and Greek biblical texts, paid careful attention to a wide reading of Greek grammarians, and his explanations of the various Greek “syntactical categories” led to the creation of this well-organized set of notes on Greek grammar and syntax.

Williams’ views of Greek grammar were honed through frequent and meticulous reading of the biblical text as well as his broad exposure to classical Greek during his doctoral studies. He loved working his way through a given book of the New Testament with an overhead containing the Greek text. His finger and his lips were synchronized as he explained the meaning in English, while his fingers showed the line of thought in the Greek.

Dr. George Gunn’s friendship with Williams led to many refinements of this book.  

“During my years at seminary Philip Williams was a source of encouragement and blessing to me and to all my fellow students,” Gunn said. “His expertise in the Greek language, both Classical and Hellenistic, was obvious in all his lectures and encouraged us to academic excellence. But more importantly, his humble, Christ-like character encouraged us to walk in the footsteps of our Savior. When he graduated to glory, the earthly realm lost a great man, but heaven gained a precious soul.  

“Williams’ ‘Greek Grammar and Syntax Notes’ constitute a wonderful, concise summary of Hellenistic Greek syntax,” he added. “Though not a complete syntax (covering only the verb, the noun, and a few other matters), the areas it does cover are explained well and are provided with many helpful examples from the New Testament. I have used these notes in teaching Intermediate Greek for more than twenty years and find them still to be of great help alongside of some of the more well-known published works.” 

“Greek Grammar and Syntax Notes” is available at Corban’s bookstore and many online retailers, including Amazon

  • "Greek Grammar and Syntax Notes" by Dr. Philip R. Williams is available through the Corban University bookstore or through Amazon.

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