Corban hosts “My Hope With Billy Graham” Training Event

Friday, May 24, 2013


Mid-Willamette Valley pastors, Corban employees and other Christian leaders had an opportunity Thursday, May 23, to learn about and register their churches for the upcoming “My Hope with Billy Graham” evangelistic outreach.

The speaker, Ken Ramey, former Salem pastor and EvangeCoach Ministries founder, now serves as the Oregon Coordinator for “My Hope with Billy Graham.”

Ramey said the “My Hope” campaign will likely be Billy Graham’s last and is timed to coincide with Graham’s 95th birthday. On November 7, a half-hour TV special broadcast will take the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ across America. The TV special and other similar brand-new high-impact evangelistic specials—featuring great music, riveting testimonials, and Billy Graham’s preaching—will be available in other formats, including DVD and online.

The goal is to see hundreds of thousands of Christians invite neighbors, relatives and friends over to their home to watch a Billy Graham TV special. Afterward, the host will share his or her testimony in about three minutes, distribute response cards, and then invite each person to fill out a card and return it to the host. The next day the host will submit those response cards to a central location.

Billy Graham has held massive home meeting/television outreaches in India, Russia, and 55 other countries around the world. It’s been the most fruitful endeavor in his more than 60 years of evangelistic ministry.

During yesterday’s training event, 21 churches signed up to receive hundreds of pounds of DVDs and printed materials to share with members who want to open up their homes and see God work.

“Don’t wait until November 7,” Ramey said. “Billy Graham’s ‘My Hope’ team already has provided everything you need to share the Gospel with family and friends now.”

Ramey highly recommended, which offers four brief but powerful videos to present Billy Graham’s classic “Steps to Peace with God” message to a new generation. 

  • Ken Ramey, “My Hope” Oregon Coordinator

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