Claudia Green ready to return to public schools

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Corban’s Claudia Green, Ed.D., has come full circle.

Throughout her long career as an educator, she taught students in public elementary and middle schools and taught many of them again as they made their way through the School of Education. Now she is ready to return to schools where some of her former students now teach.

After 23 years at Corban, Green plans to retire as a full-time professor and move into an adjunct position at the end of the school year. The transition will allow her the flexibility she needs to return to public school classrooms as a volunteer and spend more time with her aging parents.

A lot has changed in education during the past two decades. Green said newly minted teachers are better prepared to handle the wide variety of special needs children they will teach. Additionally, she said new research into children’s brain development is allowing educators to tailor their classes to meet the individual needs of kids.   

Teaching future teachers hasn’t always been without challenges, she admitted.

“I have been so blessed by my students,” she said. “It’s always rewarding when I have a difference of opinion with a student about how to approach content or approach a classroom. Years later they’ll get their first job and I’ll get an e-mail or a phone call and they’ll tell me ‘you were right.’ It’s not a vindication, but shows me they are still growing as professionals.”

Her past Corban students aren’t only working in the United States, but also around the world. Several graduates are working in Indonesia. Others are teaching in Thailand, Africa, Saudi Arabia and Peru.

She noted the teacher collaborative with Salem-Keizer Public Schools has been a highlight in her career.

“For Willamette University and Western Oregon University to see us on a level playing field and to know our students are prepared and ready has been amazing,” she said. “There have certainly been roadblocks in the past, but those are being torn down.”

When looking at the momentum of the School of Education and what it is being accomplished, Green was confident her decision to move to adjunct is the right one.

“One thing is for sure,” she said. “I’m very content. I know that God is present and guiding everything that is happening here.”

  • Claudia Green will retire at the end of the 2012/2013 school year.

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