Dr. Jesse Payne featured on ABC News

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In looking for answers as to why two young men would choose to kill and maim others at the Boston Marathon, ABC News looked to Corban’s Jesse Payne, Ph.D., for possible answers.

On April 23, he was interviewed because of his research and extensive expertise in the developing minds of young adults. He is currently writing a book called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25, which will be targeted to men and women ages 15 to 25.

In the story, Payne said the prefrontal cortex of the brain isn’t fully developed until men and women are 25, or even 28, for some men, which makes their decision-making processes, impulsiveness and more at risk for suggestion.

Additionally, Payne noted that the Tsarnaev brothers also took part in boxing and wrestling, sports where the brain is more prone to injury and which could have made them more susceptible to violent acts.

“There is never an excuse for the murders the Tsarnaevs were alleged to have committed,” Payne said in the story. “But that doesn't mean that education might not help prevent future tragedies.”

Read the entire story online at ABC News.

  • Dr. Jesse Payne spoke with ABC News about how brain immaturity or disfunction could have played a role in the Boston bombing.

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