Business Dean Visits the Big Apple

Friday, April 12, 2013


Stepping outside his hotel, the dean of Corban University’s School of Business, P. Griffith Lindell, is dwarfed by Manhattan’s world-famous skyscrapers. Lindell doesn’t need anyone to remind him that it is blustery and cold. He quickly checks the sidewalks for ice and then walks down West 47th Street for several blocks.

Lindell’s first destination is “The Wall Street Journal.” He’s there at the invitation of Melissa Korn, who reports on business and education. Among the trends? America has more MBA grads than ever, so companies are more selective. Who do they want to hire? Promising MBA grads with a solid ethical and moral foundation. And where can they find them? Conservative Christian universities.

Korn’s 45-minute interview with Lindell covers several other current business/education topics, everything from determining the “right” kind(s) of accreditation for business schools to deciding whether or not undergraduate seniors can do substantive “real world” consulting projects. To say the least, the interview is animated and at times intense. Best of all? Korn asks Lindell to become one of her ongoing sources.

After lunch, Lindell heads back to 1211 Avenue of the Americas. This time, the skyscraper’s security team confirms his invitation from FOX Business executive vice president Neil Cavuto and his assistant, Anita Garay. The real action, however, is in the greenroom. There for nearly half an hour Lindell jokes and jostles with another guest, a self-described liberal, who wants to debate the reality of what retiring Corban University president Dr. Reno Hoff calls “the Corban difference.”

That difference, it turns out, is more important than ever. And that’s precisely why Lindell is finishing his career investing in the lives of Christian business majors and MBA students.

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