Corban students collaborate for Fusion Art 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013


In a cross collaboration of artistic mediums, Corban University writers and artists came together for a new book and art gallery show now on display in the Psalm Visual Arts Gallery.

The show, titled “The Pretty Wild,” features poetry by Corban students with interpretive photographs and paintings by fellow students. Fusion Art started as a class assignment by English Professor Colette Tennant in 2011 and in time morphed into an art gallery show and the newly released book “Fusion Art 2013: The Pretty Wild.”

“We chose the title ‘The Pretty Wild’ because it captures the eclectic, unpredictable, yet beautiful mixture of art that happens when these three genres are combined,” Tennant said.

The poems and art vary in style and subject, from Kate Tracy’s poem “Bullet in a Barbie” with a brother’s off-handed way of paying his sister a compliment to the list of “Things I Bought and Never Used” by Megan Killingsworth.

 “The combination of poetry, art and photography creates a certain chemistry that results in a whole new thing,” Tennant said. “What makes it amazing is that more than 60 students were involved and they encompass all of Corban’s majors, not just Creative Writing majors.”

The gallery show is open to the public between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and runs through February. The Psalm Visual Arts Gallery is located on Corban’s Salem campus, 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE.

“Fusion Art 2013: The Pretty Wild” is available for $15 through the Corban University Bookstore or by e-mailing Tennant at

  • "Fusion Art 2013: The Pretty Wild” is available in the Corban Bookstore.

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