Corban sophomore featured for her volunteer work

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Since her first days as a Corban University freshman, sophomore Alex Gowan has been driven to volunteer.

During freshman orientation, she connected with Shangri-La, a Salem area non-profit, to help teach art to adults with developmental disabilities. Fourteen months later the artists she worked with were featured in a Psalm Visual Arts Gallery show called “Valuable.” The exhibit highlighted both the joy of the people she works with and their ability to turn recycling into art.

On Sunday Feb. 3, Barbara Curtain from the “Statesman Journal” published a Sunday profile featuring Gowan and the efforts of Shangri-La to bring joy and relationships to the many adults they serve.

See the story, video and photos here.

  • Alex Gowan, right, helps Joe Pauson with and art project at Shagri-La’s LEAP program.Photo courtesy of Kobbi Blair/Statesman Journal.

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