Sex trade focus of student drama

Friday, February 1, 2013


Sex trafficking - It’s a subject that is rarely discussed within families, but is a booming industry, especially along the I-5 corridor.

On Jan. 19, Corban student Kirstie Walrath presented her original performance titled “Freedom from the Night” to a crowd of approximately 100 people at the University.

 “Freedom from the Night” was written by Walrath and fellow student Hayley Dawson, founders of Klados Ministries. The performance and monologue follow the life of a young girl drawn into a life of sex trafficking. It was performed throughout the Pacific Northwest during summer 2012. The Jan. 19 show featured Klados members, mostly from the Sumner, Wash. area and three current Corban students.

““The follow-up emails I have gotten have been amazing,” Walrath said. “People want to know how they can get involved. People are messaging me and asking if it will be performed again soon. It has been really encouraging to me.”

Walrath currently serves as an Ambassador of Hope with Shared Hope International. In addition to the dance performance and monologues, Walrath told attendees about the proliferation of human trafficking in the United States and especially the I-5 corridor. It was followed by a message by her father, Mark Walrath, a licensed counselor working with sexually addicted men and women, about the ways pornography contributed to the illegal sex trade. Her mother also delivered a personal testimony about her path to recovery from sexual addiction.

 “Our purpose is to raise awareness and by doing so, encourage prevention,” Walrath said. “So many people don’t know this is happening in their own cities.”

There are no immediate plans to perform “Freedom from the Night” again as written. Walrath said her next steps will be to refine what she has already written and possibly include original music written by Corban music majors.

“I want to keep growing our cast and bringing it to places,” she said. “I want to bring a branch of Klados to this area and get more people involved.

“I have so many ideas about the show and other ways we can get this message out there,” she added. “I’m just excited to see where God will lead us.”

  • Corban junior Kirstie Walrath created the show to bring awareness about human trafficking. 

  • Dancers perform in “Freedom from the Night” on Jan. 19.

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