ADP influence becomes national with its entirely online programs

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On January 17, Corban’s Adult Degree Programs (ADP) launched another group consisting of students who will complete their degrees entirely online. Although ADP began offering their degrees online in 1994, this is the second launch utilizing the entirely online format, which became available for enrollees last October.

Nancy Martyn, Dean of Adult Degree Programs, said, “In the past, we held orientation on campus for two-and-a-half days. The new orientation is a two-week session in Corban’s online course-management system, and it gets the students acquainted with each other in addition to introducing them to several academic exercises that prepare them for their program.”

“It’s exciting,” continued Martyn, “that students can now complete their entire degree, start to finish, online — especially since the majority of our students are online and live too far from the campus to travel weekly.”

Corban offers degrees for working adults in the fields of business (Business & Organizational Leadership) and psychology (Family Studies). The group just launched was in psychology, while two groups were introduced last October, one in psychology and one in business. 

On-campus classes are still a viable option through ADP, and an estimated 40% of the department’s students are enrolled this way, said Martyn. However, the majority of ADP students now opt for the flexibility offered through entirely online studies.

“I could manage whether I did coursework a couple of hours here or there, before or after work, or during my lunch break,” said Molly Trejo, who received her business degree in 2006. “The online courses were also easy for me to manage while I was traveling with work.”

Trejo has served Hewlett–Packard for ten years. She is a Business Development Manager for Mission Critical Services and is responsible for developing new business opportunities  across the entire western region.

When Trejo started at Corban, she was “ready to be done” with her degree. She had taken college courses for 12 years, coinciding with her military service, life as a full-time wife and mother, and then employment in the business world. She said, “After attending my 20-year high school reunion, I felt a push to finish.”

Drawn to the detailed and sequential outline for completing her degree through Corban, as well as to the ability to do so from remote access, Trejo dived into the online business program and came out, less than a year-and-a-half later, with her degree.

Trejo reflected, “Another great thing about the online degree program is that your classroom participation is at your own speed. For example, after a question was asked or a colleague commented, I could dwell on what they’d said and respond as I was ready. There wasn’t pressure.”

Online groups have three yearly start-times: in January, May, and August. For more information about Corban’s bachelor degrees for working adults, visit our page at or call an Admissions Counselor at 800-764-1383.

For more information about other programs Corban offers for working adults,

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