Corban business professor earns Ph.D.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


As an entrepreneur and business leader, Assistant Professor of Business Shawn Hussey knew that prayer is important when making critical decisions.

After earning his Master of Business Administration in 2005, Hussey decided to show how prayer helps business leaders integrate intuitive and logical decision-making processes. In November he defended his doctoral dissertation and earned his Ph.D. through Capella University.

Hussey used the Grounded Delphi method of research. The process involved sending questions to participants, receiving answers and then refining questions and resending them until he is able to see patterns in the responses from which to form a theory. The participants included Christian Business leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“This subject has always fascinated me,” Hussey said. “How do people use prayer to make wise decisions? You see it all the time, even at the highest levels of government. Being a Christian, I knew how that resonated with me and I wanted to find out how other people experienced that phenomenon.”

Decision-making is often broken into two separate and often unequal parts, Hussey said. Some people rely almost solely on intuition and feelings to make decisions while others crunch numbers and rely almost solely on logic. Hussey said prayerful decision-making most often blends these two processes. Based on this information, Hussey created the “Decision-Making and Prayer Integration Theory and Model,” which can be used to better understand business decision-making.

While he doesn’t have plans to integrate the model into his classes at Corban this semester, he hopes to highlight the model during the next school year.

Shawn Hussey, Ph.D. can be reached at 503-589-8114 or by e-mail at

  • Shawn Hussey earned his Ph.D. from Capella University in November.

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