School of Business partners with Nehemiah Project

Friday, December 21, 2012


The Corban University School of Business has a long history of incorporating business and ministry into all of its courses.

Now a new partnership between the University and Nehemiah Project International Ministries (NPIM), based in Lake Oswego, Ore., will enhance educational opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs. NPIM’s vision is to “transform the marketplace with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, one entrepreneur at a time,” to “create a community of Kingdom-business stewards who provide God-honoring service and products,” and for entrepreneurs to “contribute to the fulfillment of the Great Commission through their time, talent and treasure.”

The partnership gives CUSB the opportunity to use Patrice Tsague’s book “Nothing but a Jar of Oil” as part of its Macro Economics course and to utilize portions of NPIM’s Bible Entrepreneurship (BE) series materials, too. In turn, NPIM will have the opportunity to offer its BE series classes as a 3-credit 600 level elective at Corban’s Salem and Tacoma campuses.

“Corban University’s values are in line with ours and this really creates a growth opportunity,” Tsague said. “We want to give people an opportunity to further their education and Corban provides that with its strong biblical foundation and business programs.”

The opportunity to partner with Nehemiah Project International Ministries excites Griff Lindell, dean of Corban’s School of Business. “This partnership gives Corban’s global perspective more exposure,” Lindell said. “It’s an opportunity for students to consider pursuing a Corban MBA degree wherever they are in the world. It also gives us another opportunity to fulfill Corban’s mission statement, and that truly is exciting to me.” 

  • School of Business students will be able to utilize “Nothing but a Jar of Oil” by Patrice Tsague as part of the partnership with Nehemiah Project.

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