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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Nearly six months after completing her doctoral dissertation and research, Assistant Professor of Science Sarah Comstock, Ph.D., saw her work published.

The peer-reviewed online journal “Molecular Metabolism” published her study, a culmination of 10 years of research, in November.  Comstock’s research focused on the effects of maternal obesity on pancreatic development on primates. She worked with Japanese macaques in labs at Oregon Health and Science University to study alpha cells within the pancreas, something few other researchers have done.

“Different types of research have different impact and these results are pretty exciting,” she said. “People have ignored the alpha cells for the past 20 years so the information I have is new. We were able to conduct our research on the primates, which gave us a clearer picture of what the results could look like in humans.”

Four scientists within the field of study analyzed and critiqued her research before it was published. After answering questions and making recommended changes, “Molecular Metabolism” published the study. The journal is read by biomedical scientists and physicians involved in metabolic research and its findings.

“If a physician working with pregnant women can back up her recommendations with research, it makes a difference,” Comstock said. “Women are more likely to make significant lifestyle changes for their baby than they might for themselves.”

Comstock’s research is being continued by other researchers at OHSU. Her goal is to encourage others conducting similar research and to find additional ways to combat maternal obesity. Additionally, she hopes her laboratory experience will help Corban students gain valuable research experience of their own. 

Comstock currently teaches advanced physiology and several science labs. She can be reached

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  • Assistant Professor of Science Sarah Comstock, Ph.D., had her study on maternal obesity published in “Molecular Metabolism.”

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