Business students come together during Dean's Reception

Friday, November 9, 2012


On Oct. 4, Corban University School of Business students and faculty were frantically searching for answers.

Each person quickly moved throughout the Psalm Performing Arts Center asking each other questions and trying to learn who was left handed, who is not on Facebook, who swam more than 1,000 feet below sea level and much more. The ice-breaker game was part of the Dean’s Reception organized by Griff Lindell, the University’s dean of the School of Business, and faculty members.

“The goal was to create esprit-de-corps,” Lindell said. “I wanted to build into the students that they belong to a School of Business and aren’t just business majors.” Throughout the evening, Lindell encouraged students to leave their phones turned on and to frequently post to their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

“Social media, in whatever form it comes in, is a tool they will use throughout their careers,” Lindell said.

The Dean’s Reception was also an opportunity for students to meet School of Business Faculty members. This included Navy veteran submariner and Associate Professor of Business Eric Straw, who was the only person to have swum at 1,300 feet below sea level…on the surface of the Dead Sea.

Additionally, Lindell asked for student input on why the School of Business exists and possible taglines.

“The input we received informed our discussions, and we appreciated the student’s perspectives,” he said. “The student input was integrated into the faculty perspective and yielded a new statement, which is being used in a new flyer to perspective students.” 

 “Corban University’s School of Business exists to train the next generation of Christian business leaders to imitate Christ in the workplace. The students will do this by participating in rigorous learning–both academically and experientially; By developing business perspectives informed by righteousness so that they may be salt and light to a lost world; and by developing responsible behaviors, so that by their words and deeds they may make disciples in any career path where God leads them.”

The evening event was also attended by Darrel White, Corban’s director of development and advancement, who spoke to students about post-Corban business relationship opportunities such as theCorban University Business Event (CUBE), held throughout the school year.

Lindell’s goal is to hold a similar dean’s reception near the start of each school year.

“The reason we have activities like these is because they model what real-life business is like,” he said. “The students walked away understanding that once they graduate, they will enter into a whole new set of relationships.”

  • The Oct. 4 Dean's Reception was developed to create esprit-de-corps among business students.

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