Communications major earns prestigious internship

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Corban communications major Eleanor Fazzari never planned on becoming a writer but her studies at the university and new internship opportunity, have changed her life plans.

On March 24, Fazzari learned she was one of 17 students nationwide chosen to intern for Focus on the Family. Throughout the summer, Fazzari will live and intern in Colo. Springs, Colorado, as a writer for “Clubhouse Magazine,” a publication produced for school-aged children by the organization.

“I’ve grown up with ‘Clubhouse Magazine’ and surrounded by Focus on the Family media my entire life,” she said. “It’s amazing that I will have an opportunity to work and learn with them.”

It took several phone interviews, an initial one with Focus and three others with editors from individual publications, before she was offered the internship.

“There was a lot of time between interviews so I didn’t really know whether I would get it,” Fazzari said. “It was amazing when I heard that I was accepted.”

During the 140-hour internship Fazzari will respond to children’s questions in a column. Additionally, she will have opportunities to write about nature, easy family craft projects and more.

While she is thrilled about the internship, writing hasn’t always been in Fazzari’s blood.

“I was never into writing as a kid…and I would get completely frustrated when I would have to write,” she said. “Growing up, I never had teachers who showed me how to be a creative writer. Even in high school, I never considered writing as a profession.

“When I got to Corban and met (journalism professor) Christena Brooks, she showed me I could be creative and have my own personality and showed me I really could love being a writer,” she added.

During her time at Corban, she has worked with the student newspaper, the “Hilltop News,” most recently as entertainment editor. In August 2012, Fazzari will take over as the school’s yearbook editor. Her eventual goal is to work as a magazine columnist, and she hopes the work she puts in this summer will help her reach that goal.

“The nice thing about being a communications major is that it is really open-ended,” Fazzari said. “I can take it any direction that I want to.”

The internship began June 4 and will last until she completes the 140 internship hours required for her degree, possibly in early August. Though unpaid, Fazzari will live with a host family throughout the internship.

For more information about Clubhouse Magazine or other Focus on the Family Publications,

  • Eleanor Fazzari was selected to intern for “Clubhouse Magazine,” A Focus on the Family publication.

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