Corban professor Jesse Payne earns his doctorate

Thursday, March 1, 2012


On Feb. 27, Corban Assistant Professor of Education Jesse Payne successfully defended his doctoral thesis and was awarded his Ed.D.

He was awarded his doctorate degree from the University of Southern California. It was based on his research and dissertation titled “Understanding Differences in Perceptions of Effective Urban Elementary School Principals among Various Educational Stakeholders.”

His research focused on the similarities and differences in perceptions of job skills for effective elementary school principals in urban areas. After collecting data from 51 school superintendents, 114 principals and 101 teachers, he discovered the differences in perception far outweighed the similarities, even within similar stakeholder groups.

Payne is the son-in-law of renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, who pioneered the use of brain scans to study neural pathways in the brain and how they relate to learning. Payne’s work with Amen and his experience as a classroom teacher led to the creation of the “Making a Good Brain Great” curriculum.

Payne is currently working on a book titled “Teachers as Brain Changers.” He also published “What I Learned from a Penguin: A Story on How to Help People Change,” which was created to help children understand their own brains and personalities.

  • Associate Professor of Education Jesse Payne earned his Ed.D 
    from USC.

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