Dr. John Wilson delivers honors lecture

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


How do enduring literary figures from the past inspire us today? Corban University Professor of English Dr. John Wilson spoke about the topic in February during his honors lecture, “The Company We Keep – Making Enduring Connections.”

 “I wanted to say something with enduring value,” he said during the lecture. “However, it has nothing to say about people and relationships in the traditional sense; it is something different.”

His lecture focused on two components. “Dialoging with the ancients,” focused on 16th century French writer Michel de Montaigne and his essays and letters to ancient writers. With “The Company We Keep,” Wilson spoke about the need to seek out writers who challenge and encourage us and to seek the solace of God in silence.

“Some books are to be read and reread and read again,” Wilson said. “With great works, it should never be a one and done. We will miss so much if we try.”

Wilson’s entire lecture can be heard online by clicking here.

  • Dr. John Wilson informed and entertained during an honors lecture in February.

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