Missionaries and students unite for World Outreach Week

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For 76 years, Corban University has invited missionaries from around the world to convene on its campus and share ways students can make an impact on the world around them.

This year, the student-led True North Corps decided to “Turn the World Upside Down” based on Scripture from Acts 17:6. World Outreach Week attracted more than 100 missionaries and representatives from 21 mission organizations, who filled both floors of Schimmel Hall with information and conversation.

“We wanted to challenge students not to live as consumer Christians, but to live for others as Christ did,” said Dr. Paul Johnson, True North’s advisor. “It was an opportunity to build deeper relationships between our missionary guests and many of the students.”

The week was highlighted by Dr. Mark Young, president of Denver Seminary, who shared about world evangelism during morning chapels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Meals were shared between students and the Corban guests, and many students attended evening gatherings to learn more about bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

“Many missionaries I spoke with see a growing number of students at Corban who have a desire to be involved in missions,” Johnson said.  “Several congratulated The True North Corps and Corban for the conference and stated that Corban’s World Outreach Week is one of the best mission conferences on the West Coast.”

While many opportunities for short-term missions were presented, Corban students are also reaching out through the Summer of Service, S.O.S., program at the University. During summer 2011, 15 students and two staff members traveled to Mexico, Colombia and East Asia to spread the gospel. Preparations are being made for several S.O.S. trips in summer 2012, including missions in Ethiopia and Europe.

Learn more about Corban’s Summer of Service opportunities.

  • Corban students were able to discuss short-term 
    mission opportunities with missionaries. 

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