Lecture to explore intimacy with God and the Bible's images of marriage

Monday, October 31, 2011


Nothing in the Bible appears to communicate a closer intimacy with God than its use of the image of marriage.  Yet the church has struggled not only with how to interpret this imagery, but with how it actually applies to the believer’s relationship with God. 

How are these metaphors to be interpreted?  How should this imagery be accurately brought into contemporary Western culture without sacrificing the biblical intention behind it?  Does romance provide the basis for a correspondence between these images?  

Without answering these questions, the average Christian’s conception of and quest for an intimate relationship with God could be burdened with misconceptions and perhaps idolatrous errors.

On Nov. 3, Dr. Tim Anderson will explore these questions and more during the Fall 2011 Honors Program Lecture, titled “Falling in Love with God? Intimacy with God and the Bible’s Images of Marriage.” The free lecture begins at 7 p.m. and will be held in the Emitte Center (SC212) on Corban’s main campus at 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE in Salem.

To hear Anderson’s talk, click here.

  • Tim Anderson will be the keynote speaker during the Fall 2011 Honors Program 
    Lecture on November 3.

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