Church growth, Christ's resurrection and bad theology core issues in newest “Dedicated” magazine

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Challenges and changes can be hard pills to swallow for many who have chosen to walk with Christ. 
The latest issue of “Dedicated,” the online magazine produced by the Corban University Ministries Department has been released and the insights provided by three Corban professors are sure to challenge you personally and professionally.

Contributing writer and Assistant Professor of Ministries Anne Jeffers takes a look at what in truly means to live the resurrection of Jesus Christ in our lives. By sharing stories of personal loss and the many ways Jesus challenged religious authorities of his day, she shows how we can continue to have hope for a new life through the redeeming blood of Christ.

Corban’s Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Leroy Goertzen, PhD, describes the bounty of his family’s traditional holiday feasts as well as the fears of growth and change that can be present at any dinner table. He relates his experiences to the growth of the church and the importance of embracing newcomers to our churches and allowing growth to be nurtured, even if it means changing business as usual.

Associate Professor of Ministries Kent Kersey, PhD, takes a critical look at the book “Love Wins: A book about Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” by Rob Bell, and holds nothing back.

“I must conclude that he is a theological innovator (theological innovation is not a good thing) who has introduced heresy into the church based on good intentions mixed with bad methodology. In short, it’s impossible to take Bell’s erroneous views seriously since his strategy is so flawed,” Kersey states in his article.
This is the second issue of “Dedicated” and Corban’s Ministries Department Chair Greg Trull, PhD, said it is the product of thoughtful insight and prayer.

“We wanted to extend our ministry reach beyond our current campuses,” he said.  “We wanted to continue to minister to the many Northwest Baptist Seminary and Corban alums who are serving the Lord.”

The inaugural issue, released in February, was read by many around the world.

“I was amazed that it was opened in so many countries on the first day it was out, Trull said. “With the electronic format, we’re able to multiply our ministry incredibly. My hope is that it will build stronger ties with our alumni and open many new doors to us in the future.”

To read the first issue of “Dedicated” or to learn more about Corban’s Ministries Department,


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