Woman's Event Brings Crowds and Laughter to Psalm Center

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Feb. 26 was a day of celebration, empowerment and renewal of spirit for 224 women at Corban University.

Every seat at the annual Woman to Woman conference was sold out to see keynote speaker Robin Jones Gunn and attend three of nine workshops focused around “What if God has dreams for your life?” Conference organizer and Corban’s Vice-President for Student Life Nancy Hedberg said it was a powerful message for women who came from across the Pacific Northwest to attend.

“The dreams that are in our hearts and desires are often planted there by God,” she said. “Robin talked about ambition and follow through. She spoke about waiting on God and recognizing that if God has a plan for your life, if he’s given you dreams, act on them. Don’t just ignore them or sit on them.”

The workshops provided opportunities for women to learn about fitness, contentment, photography, spiritual disciplines, how to handle change in their lives and others. Corban Graphic Designer Jessica Marple said she was thrilled not only to extend her passion for photography to others through her workshop, but also to be part of a dynamic group of women encompassing all age groups.

“The number of women in attendance contributed to an energetic and positive atmosphere,” she said. “I loved the talks by Robin Jones Gunn. She seemed like such a kind, humble and fun person. I got a lot out of what she shared.”

Though the 11th annual event is over, Hedberg said she has already been approached by women anticipating the next event scheduled for Feb. 25, 2012. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which Hedberg said continues to motivate and encourage her.

“It’s healthy to get together with other women from time to time,” Hedberg said. “We had 42 students who attended and it was great for them to spend time with these women who were so diverse in ages and backgrounds. I’m really excited for what next year will bring.”

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