Corban Athletics earning a reputation for hosting sports

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Corban University campus is quickly becoming a go-to location for athletic events, including cross country.

The Salem-Keizer School District is currently considering Corban for its high school cross country championships in September. Additionally, organizers of the Saxton Cross Country Invitational meet, which hosts 18 teams, are considering Corban for their September meet.

“When we have the opportunity to host events like these and do it well, the chances of getting them to come back are pretty high,” said Dave Johnson, Corban’s Director of Athletics. “It may not have an immediate impact, but over two, three or four years of developing these relationships, you bet Corban will be on their radar.”

Corban Athletics already has hosted the Jr. Olympics Regional Championships on a 2K course. The University’s course is ideally situated with varied terrain and wide-open spaces for starts and finishes and for coaches to work with their athletes.

The regional championship meet was a qualifier for the state championships. Johnson said it was a good opportunity to meet potential future Warriors.

“We were able to talk to students and parents about Corban and plant that seed,” he said. “I’m certain we’ll see some of them coming back in five or six years when they are ready to start college.”

  • Corban hosted the Jr. Olympics regional cross country championship in November.

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