Corban students and Salem area businesses create a natural opportunity

Monday, November 22, 2010


When it comes to real-world experience, Corban University’s business students aren’t waiting until graduation.

During spring 2010, four businesses, including the Statesman Journal and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, allowed teams of Corban University business students to tackle real business problems and create solutions and business plans that are now being implemented. For the Statesman Journal, this meant developing a way for the newspaper and its employees to be more involved with local non-profit agencies.

The Corban University Business Department is again looking for Salem area businesses in need of fresh ideas and time for research to tackle real issues with its Corban Consulting Partners program. The students will work on the projects during spring semester between January and April.

“We are looking for businesses and non-profits that have a well-defined problem and a possible solution but no time,” said Corban Accounting Professor Bryce Bernard. “Our students are able to do the research and help business owners decide whether their project is feasible and how much it might cost to implement.”

The opportunity is not only good for students, but also small business owners and local service agencies, Bernard said. It also could give businesses a competitive edge as the economy rebounds. There is no charge to businesses other than time to meet with students and access to company data. Each team of students is coached by a local business professional and Corban faculty.

On Tuesday Nov. 16, Bernard and others met with business owners in Salem to reflect on the spring 2010 program and how to improve during spring 2011. Suggestions included dedicating one team to each business and non-profit instead of two and how to better work with coaches and business owners. This year, eight teams will work within the community. Although some potential projects have been identified, Bernard said he would like to hear from additional businesses and non-profits interested in working with Corban business majors.

For more information, call Bryce Bernard at (503) 375-7034 or e-mail him at

  • Associate Business Professor Don Leavitt discusses ways 
    community business leaders can partner with Corban University through  its Corban Consulting Partners program.

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