Corban laptops recycled for ministry in Haiti and Costa Rica

Friday, July 23, 2010


After upgrading Corban’s Science Lab, the IT Department donated eight of its old laptops to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Half of those laptops are now assisting missions work in Costa Rica while the other half will be sent to Haiti, also for educational and Kingdom purposes.

Alumnus Tim Hettinger ’99, a systems administrator in the Learning Technologies division of MAF for almost three years, helped facilitate the transfer of hardware. He said two of the computers are currently being used to support a learning lab in La Carpio, a slum near Costa Rica’s capital city. The laptops are helping create a model that can be transferred to use in similar projects at other locations.

MAF Missionary Brendan Blowers blogged about the work in the La Carpio learning center last spring. He said, “The learning lab is now networked, connected to the internet, and climate controlled! This was a big step, opening a whole digital landscape of opportunities for the community.”

The lab has primarily been an educational tool for the area’s children, while simultaneously providing internet connectivity to the community. “While the kids are ‘playing,’” blogged another MAF missionary, “they are acquiring high-level skills and at the same time are exposed to the Word of God.”

The blog continued, “A few specific kids are exhibiting potential for more training and higher-level learning.”

One of Corban’s laptops, according to Blowers, makes a computer available to be given to one of the learning center’s lab technicians. He is a 14-year-old who “has shown quite amazing potential, character, and aptitude. We may also give one to a pastor here who is one of the key champions behind serving rural Christian leadership in Costa Rica.”

Blowers also reported, “Of the laptops going to Haiti, we plan to use at least one in a seminary and a second to help kids study.”

MAF’s website says their mission is “sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.” They are a team of “specialists in education, digital resources, and technology — passionate to equip pastors and church leaders who serve in the world’s most challenging places.”

Brian Schmidt, Corban’s director of information systems, said, “MAF is exploring new ways to educate people from all walks of life in a wide variety of third world countries.  Since we’re in the education business it’s not hard to see the connection and how we can extend our own influence through their efforts.”

Learn more about MAF’s work in La Carpio. To learn more about a business administration degree in information systems at Corban, click here.

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