Business seniors exceed national benchmarks

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Corban’s 2009 graduating business majors recently completed the Major Field Test in Business, a comprehensive exam produced by Educational Testing Services. Schools participating in the national assessment ranged from Christian institutions like Biola (Calif.) and Baylor (Texas) to major state universities like University of Oregon and Penn State. Almost 75,000 students at 564 schools across the country took the assessment, and the 32 Corban test-takers ranked in the top 25 percent.

Vice President for Information Services and Dean of Business Bryce Bernard states, “I’m proud of our students. It’s a reflection of the hard work they’ve put into their education and the hard work of the faculty.”

This is the third consecutive year the assessment tool was administered for ongoing departmental purposes, as well as for comparing student achievement levels to other schools of business. Weighed against the 564 schools using the exam in 2009, Corban scored in the 75th percentile. The cumulative mean score for Corban students was 156.33, which exceeds the national mean of 152. Moreover, Corban’s student mean score has exceeded the national’s for all three years of testing.

The Major Field Test measured nine business discipline areas, such as accounting, finance, and marketing. In all categories, the average Corban score either met or exceeded the national average.

Another interesting statistic, according to Bernard, is that students who started at Corban as freshmen have scored consistently higher than students who transferred to Corban—about 30 percent higher. This may reflect on the transfers’ training received at previous schools in early-curriculum courses; however, transfers have sometimes taken Corban’s comparable early-curriculum courses. Therefore, Bernard thinks the entire Corban experience is a major factor in the development of a quality business learner.

Though the results of the Major Field Test speak soundly of Corban’s business program, faculty and students, Bernard is not surprised: “We’ve always known that we have talented, competent students—this just confirms it.”

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