Students serve during Spring Break

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Approximately seventy-five from the Corban community are spending their spring break involved in a mission trip. ASB Executive Board Ministries Coordinator, Megan Franklin, highlighted these four short-but-impactful missions:

  • Italy: Led by experienced student leaders, seniors Rick Moore and Nakiva Cleveland, and partnering with an international organization, Corban students will be street-witnessing: using pantomime for cross-language communication and handing out tracts to share the love of Christ.

  • Los Angeles: Junior Zack Jackson and alumna Tricia Breiter (’08) have organized a youth outreach in the inner city. Corban students on this trip will focus on building relationships and telling their new friends about Jesus.

  • Wisconsin: In the city of Union Grove, Shepherds Ministries provides services addressing residential, educational and vocational needs of adults with developmental disabilities. Corban students will support this ministry; one of the ways is through puppeteering. Student leaders, seniors David Collett (ASB President) and Megan Franklin, along with alumna Casey Hultberg (’08) and other students, are very excited about meeting and helping the residents.

  • Mexico: The largest group from Corban, about thirty in number, will be building two houses and, more importantly, relationships. Several Corban students speak fluent Spanish and will be able to translate. The trip is under the umbrella of Amor Ministries, and the Corban leaders are seniors Tyler Grove and John Traut.

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