Corban proceeds with caution through winter weather

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The College administrators have closed offices several days and opened late on others through the recent Mid-Valley snow and ice warnings.  Fortunately, the storms hit after finals week ended, and most students are warm at home off-campus, or perhaps they’re out enjoying some winter fun.  Employees have been encouraged to report to work as is safe to do so.

Provost Matt Lucas delivered an all-employee message last week:  “It is extremely icy and if you do not have studs or traction devices on, it is unwise to be on the roads.  Do not come in,” he advised.

Corban’s Campus Care Team has reported faithfully at 6 a.m. despite closures with the exception of once when encouraged, “report as possible at 8 a.m.,” so roads could be better assessed.  With campus safety and a burst pipe situation in a dorm to address, they have been plenty busy.

Following the weekend’s ice storm, the crew has roads and pathways to clear.  Campus receives the brunt of wind forces as it sits on the hill facing Salem:  trees froze and then snapped.  There are “pages and pages” of felled trees, says Director Tom Samek.  The crew will cut away the trees for now and haul the wood away later as the weather permits.  It will be utilized, as firewood mostly.

Regarding the campus risks Samek assures, “It’ll be okay.  It could be worse.”

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