Student-led campaign for Prayer Chapel is launched

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Corban students are passionately prioritizing prayer on campus.  This is evidenced by the effort to add a prayer chapel on campus. The campaign launch, set for Friday’s Chapel, is designed to coincide with Parent Weekend.

A 10’ x 20’ mobile building, formerly an athletic concession stand, will be relocated, remodeled, and repurposed as the Prayer Chapel.  Renovations include a new roof, windows, siding, sheet rock, and a steeple.  The estimate for initial work on the building (electricity and heat will be added later) is $3,000.  The student-led effort is spearheaded by a Prayer Chapel Committee that is soliciting volunteer help for ground work and construction, and accepting donations.  Student Government will partially fund the project, and Prayer Chapel banks are being placed across campus for “pocket change” (but larger donations are also accepted in the President’s Office).

The committee, made up of students and staff, has chosen a site midway between the amphitheater and the water cistern (which is behind the Pavilion) for the Prayer Chapel.  The location is ideal because it is central to campus life, has a great view overlooking Salem, and yet is secluded enough for private prayer.  Dependent on volunteers and weather, construction will commence as soon as possible.  Student Body President David Collett said, “This is something immediately feasible, versus something like the [new] library, and can benefit this year’s students.” 

The idea of a prayer chapel originated with Senior Jesse Hayes and friends last spring, ironically as they “played hooky” from the “prayer chapel”—i.e. the regularly scheduled campus chapel service with a prayer emphasis.  When looking at historical Christian movements and successful mission outreaches, Hayes notices they are grounded in unified prayer.  Hayes hopes that mission-minded Corban, dedicated to educating Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ, will not forget prayer in the pursuit of knowledge or the impartment of it.  “I hope this Prayer Chapel will encourage us to seek God rightly,” he stated.

Campus Pastor Kent Kersey is impressed with the student initiative.  “The motivation for these students is not to become ‘super spiritual.’  Rather, they want authentic reliance on God through prayer that is constant and dependent.  So I applaud the goal of building a prayer chapel where we can all be reminded to rely on God everyday.”

Collett said Student Government is also excited about the Prayer Chapel.  ASB’s involvement is “helping student-driven ideas come to fruition.”  After Friday’s campaign launch, Collett hopes students will be motivated to give.  “If every student gave $2, we’d have over $1000.  Especially when I spend over $3 each time I buy a latte—if students cut out just one latte for the semester….”
The chapel’s future site is staked for those who wish to view it and/or say a prayer there.  For those who wish to contribute to the grassroots funding or human-power resourcing of this project, please contact Corban’s ASB President at

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