Orientation Weekend helps parents and students transition

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Corban goes the extra mile to make the momentous transition for incoming students fluid. Special Events Coordinator Sandy Van Dyk directed student leaders, staff, and faculty as they took care of new students and their families. From administrators to student leaders, all united in purpose to give students a warm welcome and ease parental concerns.

A number of changes this year made for an even smoother Orientation Weekend. Adding a full day to the schedule and hosting Orientation into the larger sports center allowed the business aspects of arrival to feel more relaxed and also expedited the process by eliminating long lines. Van Dyk states, “It’s about showing hospitality.” 

Meals served under the tents in the lot outside Schimmel Hall also contributed to less waiting, more bonding, and time spent admiring the great view of Salem from Corban’s hillside. Each family received a concise booklet detailing the calendar of events so no one would miss the special features designed with hospitality in mind, like showing the movie “Prince Caspian” (not yet released in video) in the amphitheater. 

With personal touches and introductions in mind, Orientation’s “Kick-Off and Welcome” allowed students to connect with Corban and make friends within their Core Groups. Emcee Sam Baker’s light yet profound sense of humor surely put many at ease. President Hoff welcomed families and then they viewed themselves on video—moving-in that very day. The Vice-Presidents of Corban then modeled servant-leadership in scooping ice cream.

The entire weekend’s events—from special desserts to meet-the-faculty panels to worship service together—focused on answering questions, helping in practical ways, and providing reassurance. Van Dyk reported positive feedback from parents that felt, “Students are in good hands here.”

A student moving into the dorm on Friday was sure to be greeted by his or her Resident Assistant (RA).  Each hall was decorated and personalized by the RA who is ready to serve his or her floormates. Residence Life Director Jimmy D’Agosta says, “This year I was amazed on how well students and parents were taken care of.  It seemed smooth, friendly, and sincere in all aspects.” 

Admissions Counselor Jared Hernandez captured the spirit of Corban staff who gave of time and energy this weekend, “I’m excited to get to know some of the students and hopefully make them feel at home at Corban and confirm that this was one of the greatest choices of their lives.”

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